Robert Allison's SAS/GRAPH GMAP Examples (#1)


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PROC GMAP - Geographical Maps




Pollution Forecast Map             Chem/Bio Weapons                 SAS Regional Offices               Archaeology





   Disease Forecast                      Exploded Map Area                     Census Regions            Scotland Statistics





Maryland Recreation             Hammer Projection                 Hurricane Rainfall               SUGI 26 Attendance





Apparel Manufacturing           Corvettes Sale Map         Clothing Sales by Gender               2000 Election Results




MidWest SAS Users Group         Ohio Recreation Areas        Drilldowns on Image              Imported ESRI map





Hotspotting Non-SAS Map         USA Today Census Map        Missile Deployment              Cell Tower Coverage







PROC GMAP - Non-geographical Maps




   10-year Smog Calendar           Silicon Wafer Map             High Density Wafermap                        Wafer




                             Wafer Defect                     Woven Fabric Map                 Fabric Weave Strength




                             Interactive US Flag                     DNA Microarray                 Floorplan with Mouseover





These samples courtesy of Robert Allison

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