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*** Sorry, I have removed the jar files for this sample, because it's
too difficult to keep them up to date, and they consume ~100Mb of space.

This is another variation of the very first wafermap I created, many years ago :)

In this version, I use "goptions device=java;" which provides you 
with a 3d interactivex wafermap that you can change on-the-fly (for
example, change the colormap), and also rotate.

Note that I code in a 'codebase' in the ods html statement, so that
it looks in the current directory, rather than the default location
for the jar files (otherwise, if I used the default values, then
you'd have to have sas installed in the default location on the
pc you're viewing the example with, in order to have the jar files
required to view this java gmap - these jar files are ...
jgstex.jar, mapapp.jar, and xml1.jar).

 ODS HTML path=odsout body="&name..htm"

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