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This example starts with a 2d version of the 'first' example, and
then adds an annotated 'radar chart' (aka 'star chart') onto each unit of the wafer map.

The radar charts have 3 spokes, and each spoke represents the value of
a different variable (val1, val2, and val3).  These 3 variables can have 
different ranges of values, and they are all 'normalized' to a maximum
radar spoke length so that they can be plotted together.

Radar charts that are symmetrical are generally 'good', and radar charts
that are "lopsided" generally indicate a problem with quality/consistency
(this depends on what variables you're plotting, of course :)

Notice the radar charts have html title= charttips/flyover text, using the 
info coded into the 'html' variable in the annotate data set, so you can
mouse over them and see the actual data values.

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