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This is yet another gmap version of a wafermap.
Each 'cell' in the wafermap is a map area (much like a state in 
the sas/graph map data set), with 4 x/y coordinates describing
the 4 corners of the cell.

I use a user-defined format to show each of the 5 ranges of values
as textual ranges such as '20%-40%' -- these show up in the gmap legend.

I draw a gray circular "polygon" behind my map using annotate, and I color
the outlines of my map areas the exact same color, so the outlines
"blend" with the circular background.

I add charttip/flyover-text using gmap's html= option.  I use the
html title= tag for the charttips, and the href= tag to show we could
have "drilldown" capability (I've only got the drilldown programmed
to show you another wafer map right now, but you could program it
to go to any url, which could show more detailed info about your
wafer data).

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