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This silicon wafer map is described in detail in the following
internal ToolPool Paper.

For those of you who don't have access to the internal sas web, 
here is a summary description...

For SUGI 25, Motorola did an "applications development" paper (paper 44)
describing how they used sas 6.12 dsgi to graphically visualize their
wafer data (link to paper).  I wrote my own version of this using 
sas/graph's proc gmap and annotate.

First I create a sas/graph gmap data set.  It has 4 coordinates for each
'cell' in the wafer map.  Then I create an annotate data set for the grid.
I create some extra map cells for a legend/key (rather than using gmap's default
automatic legend/key) - this way I can get it to look exactly the way
I want it, and also some 'summary' cells along the sides of the map.

I use gmap's "html=" option to specify the variable that contains the
html charttip/flyover (title) text.  Drilldown info similarly be specified
using href.

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