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This is probably the first technique that might come to mind, when
you think about doing a wafer map - a contour plot (using sas/graph's
proc gcontour).

But - this is probably the way I would *least* recommend!  :)

Notice that in the simple gplot wafer, as well as the gmap and
annotate versions, that each & every x/y cell for which you have data is 
shown in the wafermap.  By comparison, in the gcontour version, the map
is an interpolated/summarized version, and you lose a great deal of 
granularity.  For example, notice in the gplot version that there were
five red cells (in 4 distinct areas of the wafer) -- but in the gcontour
version there is only one red area.

Also, the gcontour version does not allow html title= charttips/flyover-text
and href= drilldowns.  This is another big limitation!

For these two reasons, I would recommend against using contour plots for
wafer maps (except as an alternate way of looking at the data, in 
addition to using some of the other techniques that show the data
at the full-resolution granularity).

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