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I start with the maps.county sas/graph map data set,
and I subset the counties in NC.

I use the new 'centroid' macro to calculate the approximate
centers of each county.

I take my response data which has 3 variables that I want to plot
on the 3 axes of my radar chart, and I 'normalize' the values so
I have them each as 0-1 values.  I then create an annotate data set
containing 3 lines for each data value (these will be the "spokes"
of the radar chart), and also an annotated polygon that extends 
out to the same coordinates the as the spoke lines.

I combine the map and the annotate, and I gproject them together,
and then separate them again, and use gmap to draw the map, and
the annotate option to specify my annotate data set with the
radar charts.

I also annotate a special "legend" to show what variable is on
what spoke.  And I do a footnote color-coded the exact same way 
as the radar charts, to also serve as a color legend (you'll 
probably just want to use 1 legend, but I wanted to show how
to do them both, so you'll have the extra flexibility :)

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