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Finally, a nice-looking chart with no annotate! ;)

Just some regular-old gchart tricks...

I use an axis statement to suppress the label and values of the 
group axis (gaxis), and then use 'subgroup' to color the bars by
the group variable, and then show which color is which group 
in the legend (ie, I use the legend instead of the group axis 

I use 'outside=sum' to put the values at the top of each bar,
and they use the default dollar5.1 format for that value.

I don't want that format for the numbers on the response axis,
so I override each tick value in the legend statement, and 
put the exact text I want.

I use a legend statement to put the legend inside the graph
area, and give it a white frame and black drop shadow effect.

I use hex (cx) colors to specify the exact colors I want for
background, and the 3 bar colors.

I also add charttips to the bars, and a title in the webpage title bar
(if you bookmark the page, it also gets this title).

Here is the original graph I was imitating/enhancing:
click here

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