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Gary Mehler was wanting a way to visualize some data showing 
which machine/cpu was running what job at what time.  I came
up with this technique using annotated function='bar'.

First, I read in the data from his Excel spreadsheet.

The grid & axes are done using gplot.  I 'suppress' the markers
and lines in the gplot, and then annotate a bar using the start
and end times as the x-coordinate, and using the machine/cpu
name as the bottom/left y-value, and then a certain %-age of
the screen as the y-offset for the top/right corner of the bar.

I then annotate a data-dependent label above each bar (in this
example, the 2-character abbreviation of a U.S. state).

I also use the annotate's "html" variable to stuff in some 

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