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This is the sas version/enhancement of the following 'visual mining' chart.
(Note that since the text and values were not easily readable on their
original chart, my city names and the values I use in my chart are just
rough estimates of what I coud read from their chart.)

Here are the SAS tricks & features I'm using...

This is a SAS/Graph gchart vbar chart.
I split the response axis label into 3 pieces by putting 'justify' 
tags between 3 separate pieces of text in the axis statement.

I annotate the bar labels, and suppress the default labels (which
would have otherwise been at the bottom of the axis).

I use the 'subgroup' option to color the bars by a value (I base
this value on whether or not the bar value is positive or negative),
and I suppress the color legend which would have otherwise been shown
by default.

I use SAS proc sql to calculate the sum of the absolute value of all 
the net employment changes, and store that value in a macro variable,
so I can later print it in the title2.

I also use the gchart html= option to add charttips showing the name
of the city, and the jobs lost/gained in each city, when you hover 
your mouse over the bars, in a web browser.

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