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This is a sas/graph imitation of the following png map.
Which I found on the following webpage.

The 'map' part of this example is very straightforward - I used a simple 'proc gmap'
and used 7 character values in my data (a,b,c,d,e,f,g) for the 7 color chips.
I used a user-defined format so that the a-g values would show up as the
numeric kbdi ranges.  

Notice that the colors stay *exactly* inside the borders of the counties, 
unlike the TAMU original which didn't keep the coloring completely within the lines.  
Also, this 'gif' version is probably more universally readable & useable,
compared to the original map which is a png file.

I used the gchart html= to add charttips containing the county name and
kbdi value, therefor, in a web browser you can hover your mouse over each
county and see the county name (I merged in the county names from the
maps.cntyname data set).

Aside from the map and the legend, *everything* else visual is annotate...

The "Texas Forest Service" is an annotated image, and "The Texas A&M University System"
directly below it is annotated text (in the original, this text appeared to be part
of the image, and was too small to read - in my version, since I annotated actual
text, using a smooth/truetype font, it is readable).

The Star & the 'T' are an annotated image, and the text directly to the right
is annotated text.

The border around the graph is an annotated 'bar' with empty fill.

I also annotated text at the bottom/left (just below the bar/border), and
the bottom/right.

And, I annotated the title text at the top/right - two reasons: normal titles
can't share the same vertical space as the map, and normal titles can only
be centered to the middle of the page.

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