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As in several other examples, I'm using the sas/graph trick where I use
an image of a floorplan map (in this case, a 'tif' file), and I create a
gmap with a rectangular area that has the exact same proportions as the 
image, and then annotate the image into that exact same area.  I then 
annotate a grid of dots and mouse over those dots to see what the x/y 
of each important spot on the floorplan map is.  I then create a sas/graph 
annotate data set to annotate colored dots on the map at the exact desired 

When you click on the title of this map, it takes you to the government's
info page on this particular bill.  When you click on the dots, it takes 
you to the info page for that particular senator, listing exactly how 
they voted on all issues.

In additiona to the floorplan map, I've included a geographical county map,
so you can look for geographical trends in the voting.


Now that this map is set up, it would be a simple matter to run it from
sas/intrnet, so that you could easily generate similar maps for all the 
other bills that were voted on.  (For this proof-of-concept, I had to 
get the data values by hand, one at a time, from the individual senators'
webpages, since I couldn't find a central repository of the data - but 
the people who run the government websites should have easy direct access
to all of the data.)

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