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During the gas-price spike following hurricane Katrina (which flooded
New Orleans in Sept 2005), the high gasoline prices following the 
hurricane caused a lot of 'hype' about gas prices, and gas mileage.

One example is the following story from Consumer Reports about EPA-mileage 
estimates versus real-world-mileage.  The article would make you think
that the EPA mileage numbers are almost always optimistically high.

But, this sas graph shows that although that is true for the 'city'
driving numbers, the opposite is true of the 'highway' numbers!

This shows the power of a very simple sas/graph scatter plot, 
with some annotated %-based reference lines.  There are 3 graphs - 
make sure to scroll down and see all 3 (the 2nd graph is the one
that Consumer Reports forgot to mention in their story ;)

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