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This sample is a mixture of graphics from the following Corda dashboard samples pages:

The graphs don't necessarily tell a complete picture/story, but
are instead intended just to show some other types of graphs
that might be used in a dashboard.

I place the 4 graphs on the same page using 'proc greplay', 
and I create the gradient/shaded background using annotated
bars of color (very thin bars laid edge to edge).
I use box=1 and bcolor=grayee in the title statement 
to get the titles to have a contrasting solid-color background.

The top/left chart is a simple 'proc gchart' 
using 2 bar segments - the positive segment (to the right of the 
zero line) is the number of points that nascar driver has, and 
the negative segment (the red segment to the left of zero) is 
the number of points each driver is below the leader.

The bottom/left graph is a 'proc gbarline' (new in v9.x).
I create a custom user-defined format to show the $ values in millions.

The top/right traffic-light chart is totally custom annotate - 
the dot colors are controlled by 8 macro variables, so they could 
be easily controlled on-the-fly by calculating the colors based on 
the actual data.  The annotate is displayed by 'proc gslide' (the
gslide is only used to draw the title).

The bottom/right chart is a 'proc gbarline'.  I use a custom axis
statement for the right-hand axis, and suppress the label, the 
values, and the tickmarks (since it would otherwise be an exact
duplicate of the left-hand axis).

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