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This map was somewhat tricky to create.

You have to start with an unprojected long/lat map, so that you can
line up your annotated red markers in the right positions, and also
the annotated long/lat gridlines.  You then project everything as
one combined dataset, and separate the map from the annotate after
you've done the gprojection.  

I had to experiment with lots of projections before finding that
the "gnomon" projection looks good for antarctica.

Labeling the long/lat gridlines (using annotated text labels) 
was somewhat tricky too, and I had to eliminate certain labels
to avoid overlaps.  Note that if you get any closer to the 
south pole than 85-degrees, the gridlines start looking bad.

For each of the ice-core drilling locations, I have a "drilldown"
to do a google search on that drilling-site's name.

I think the final result looks pretty good!  :)

The main "trick" in this example is the "proc gproject" - see
the comments below...

proc gproject data=combined out=combined latlong eastlong degrees dupok
  latmax=-64 /* where to clip the map */
  polelat=-90 /* where to center the map */
  id id;

Also, here's an example of a North Pole map.

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