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This is a sas imitation/proof-of-concept based on the following graphic.

First, I create a white map of West Bengal India, and save that png file to disk
as bengmap.png.

Then I do a fake bar chart with skinny red widely-spaced bars
(using gplot 'needle' interpolation to simulate the bars),
and I use the 'C' character of the sas/graph 'marker' software
font to put the arrow at the top of the needle.

I annotate text labels at the tops (angled at 90-degrees),
and I annotate the party flags under the appropriate section of the graph
saparating the sections by an annotated dashed line,
and I also annotate some extra title text in the top/left,

I rotate the tickmark values in the horizontal axis using value=(angle=90))
in the axis statement.

And I make the vaxis disappear completely (but still control the size/space
using the order= in the axis statement).

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