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The 'clever' thing about this map is the annotated donut-shaped markers.

First there's the placing of markers on a map at all - I used an annotate
data set, and used long/lat for the x/y, and combined the annotate with 
the sas/graph world map, and then projected them together, then separated
them into 2 data sets again, and then drew the map and annotated the
markers (at the desired location).

The 2nd clever thing was getting the donut-like markers, with a hole in 
the middle.  If I had annotated concentric 'pies' the middle wouldn't have
been see-through, therefore I annotated the lowercase letter 'o' in the
swissb (swiss bold/thick) font, and then annotate another 'o' in the 
exact same location using the 'swissbe' font (swiss bold empty) - this 
swissbe made the black border/outline around the 'o'.

Since I'm annotating the markers, I also have to annotate my own
custom legend.

Also, there are charttips & drilldowns on the map.

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