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This is sort of a variation on the annotated gage chart 
that I did earlier...

The segments of the gage are made of annotated pie slices,
with a white pie slice as the 'hub' in the center.

Remember that the tricky part is that annotated pie angles
numerically increase in the counter-clockwise direction, whereas 
this gage increases clockwise direction ... therefore some 
coordinate transformation needs to take place (it's great 
once it's working, but if you break it you might have a time
figuring out how to un-break it! ;)

I annotate the text value for the slices towards the end of
each slice, and if the slice is too small I annotate the text
in a position below the slice.

The table below the gage chart serves as both a table, and
also as a legend.

I wrap this up in a macro, so you can easily re-use it with 
other data.

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