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SAS/Graph imitation of this graphic.

This one has a lot of pieces - none of the individual pieces are
all that difficult, but putting them all together makes something
you've probably never seen before in SAS/Graph...

I create the individual pieces, saving each one by 'name='
so that I can "greplay" them into a template later:

First there's a 'proc gslide' in which I do the title text,
and the dark color bar at the top, and a little piece of text
between the 2 pictures on the left.

I then use proc ganno to create a separate graphic for each of
the candidates.

Then I do the 4 plots using 'proc gplot', with the "areas=1"
option to fill in the area under the line.  I then annotate 
the red line along the top of the area - I'm using the special
new v9.2 annotated "arrow" function (if you're using pre-9.2
software, you'll have to just use an annotated line instead).
I also annotate the text values at the beginning and end of
the line/arrow.

Last, I create a custom greplay template, with 4 slots for the
4 pictures, 4 slots for the 4 graphs, and one slot for the 
gslide with the title - and I use 'proc greplay' to play 
the graphics I have saved, into the custom template.

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