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The drilldown in this example is done in the traditional SAS/Graph way,
but using the new "goptions device=actximg" rather than gif ...

First, a character variable is created, containing the html tags for
the drilldown (href=) and the text charttip/rollover-text (title=)
as follows ...

   length htmlvar $500;
    'State: '|| trim(left(st)) ||'0D'x||
    'Population: '|| trim(left(put(population,comma12.0)))
   ||' '||

Then that variable is specified using the "html=" option in the
SAS/Graph "proc gplot" as follows...

   proc gchart data=mydata;
   hbar st / discrete
    type=sum sumvar=population
    autoref cref=gray
    html=htmlvar            <--------  here!
    des="" name="&name" ;

The output is created using ODS HTML, and "goptions device=actximg".
Device=actximg is similar to device=gif, in that two output files 
are produced - an html file containing the drilldown & charttip info,
and a png file containing the graph (rather than a gif file).
The person viewing the graph will view the html file, and it will
display the png file and line up the drilldown/charttip info in
the correct locations.

The person generating the actximg output *must* install the SAS/Graph 
activex control on their computer where the sas job is run (they only 
have to install it once), and they must have Internet Explorer(?).
The person viewing the output does not need to install the 
SAS/Graph activex control since they're just viewing the html and
png output.

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