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Note that anchor drilldown is included in the book SAS/Graph: Beyond the Basics,
and all the 'tricks' used to create it are described in great detail!
(see Example 19)


The drilldown in this example is done in the traditional SAS/Graph way,
with a little extra "twist" in that the drilldowns are to html 
"anchors" on to additional graphs on the same page as the top-level

First, a character variable is created, containing the html tags for
the drilldown (href=) and the text charttip/rollover-text (title=) 
as follows - notice the '#' is used to denote the url is an 'anchor' ...

     'State: '||trim(left(st))||'0D'x||
     'Population: '||trim(left(put(population,comma12.0))))||
    ' href="#'||trim(left(lowcase(st)))||'"';

Then that variable is specified using the "html=" option in the
SAS/Graph "proc gchart" as follows...

   proc gchart data=mydata;
   hbar st / type=sum sumvar=population ascending nostats
    maxis=axis1 raxis=axis2
    autoref cref=gray clipref
    html=htmlvar            <--------  here!
    des='' name="&name" ;

That was for the first/top-level graph.
For the additional graphs, you need to "append" them to the same page,
and use the "ods html" anchor option to output an 'anchor' ...

   %let state=va;
   ods html anchor="&state";
   title "&state";
   proc gmap data=mydata (where=(state = stfips("&state")));
   id state;
   choro state / levels=1 coutline=black nolegend 
    des='' name="&name._&state";

The output is created using ODS HTML, and "goptions device=png",
so that a png file is created containing the png, and an html file 
is created containing the html charttips & drilldowns.  The user will
view the html file, and it will display the png image.

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