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In this example, I want the entire graph to be 1 single charttip/drilldown
(rather than individual drilldowns for each individual bar).  To so this
I use annotate to draw a bar/box around the entire graph area, and 
I use the annotate 'htm' variable to contain the single charttip/drilldown
for this bar/box.  (Note that in annotate, the variable containing the 
charttip/drilldown info *must* be named 'html').

   data myanno; set mydata;
   length html $500;
    'title="Click to see drill/detail info for entire graph, via annotated box around entire graph..."'
    ||' '||
   xsys='3'; ysys='3'; when='b';
   function='move'; x=0; y=0; output;
   function='bar'; line=0; x=100; y=100; output;

I made the box outline 'pink' so that you can see it - but in a real-world 
scenario you'd probably want to make it 'white' so that it will be invisible 
against the white background.

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