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Note: You will need to disable google toolbar popup blocking
(ie, enable popups) for the charttips/drilldowns in this
example to work.  The following google doc
seems to indicate you can click the 'popup button' to
add this site to the 'white list', but that doesn't seem
to work in the version of IE/google-toolbar I'm using.
In mine, the note at the bottom of the window says to
"Ctrl+bar" to allow the popup -- that seems to work.


The drilldown in this example is done in the traditional SAS/Graph way,
but using the new "goptions device=java" rather than gif ...

First, a character variable is created, containing the html tags for
the drilldown (href=) and the text charttip/rollover-text (title=)
as follows ...

   length htmlvar $500;
    'State: '|| trim(left(st)) ||'0D'x||
    'Population: '|| trim(left(put(population,comma12.0)))
   ||' '||

Then that variable is specified using the "html=" option in the
SAS/Graph "proc gplot" as follows...

   proc gchart data=mydata;
   hbar st / discrete
    type=sum sumvar=population
    autoref cref=gray
    html=htmlvar            <--------  here!
    des="" name="&name" ;

The output is created using ODS HTML, and "goptions device=java".
With java, only *one* output file is produced - a single html file
containing all the data, drilldown/charttip info, graph characteristics, etc.

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