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If you don't need separate drilldowns for each bar in the graph,
you can hardcode drilldown links in the title(s) and footnote(s).

When you're using "ods gtitles", the titles are part of the 
gif image, and the drilldown is done via the html hotspot
overlays (much the same way they are for the bars).

Note that dev=java and dev=activex do not support "gtitles",
so they can't use this type of link in the titles *in* the
graph (they can support title links in nogtitles, which
are shown in the next example).

Here is the syntax for adding a link in the title and the
footnote statements...

   title link="" "Click this Title to go to Census Website";

   footnote link="" "Click this Footnote to go to SAS website";

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