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Note: This example might not work well in newer versions of
Internet Explorer, such as IE9 :(

This example is done using the "old school" imagemap.
I believe this was the technique to do drilldown stuff in v7, 
right before they made easier ways to do it using "ods html"
and the html= variable.  I've heard the imagemap technique
allows you to have a little more control, but it's a little
harder to use.

This particular example gets a little "fancy" with it, doing
2 graphs side-by-side, and allowing you to click on the bars
in the graph on the left, to "drilldown" to the pie chart for
the selected bar on the right.

This example uses a lot of scripting out your own html,
using sas "put" statements, and there are a lot of hard-coded
filenames and such.

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