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(see also several overlib*.js files in this folder, Mini/*.js, and


This is an example that SAS Solution Consultant Nikola Markovic taught me,
using Erik Bosrup's overlib javascript.

It provides multiple drilldown choices for each bar, rather than the usual 1 drilldown.

You put the overlib*.js javascript files in the same folder that the html output will be in.
You modify the ODS style to do some 'prehtml' stuff.
You specify that style in your ODS html statement.
And the structure of the html= variable is a little more complex than usual
(lots of quotes within quotes, and backslashes to preserve quotes, and whatnot).

I'm no javascript expert, but this could be really useful!!!

(Previously, I thought the only way to have multiple drilldown selections
in SAS/Graph was to use device=javameta, which doesn't produce as nice-looking
graphics and text as dev=png.)

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