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Similar to the 'proc print' example,
The drilldown in this example is done using a user-defined format,
which controls html drilldown tags.  

When the "proc tabulate" output table is produced by ODS HTML,
the tables contain these html drilldown tags.  

I can't show the sas code in this html doc, because some of the 
html stuff get's interpreted instead of displayed - view the 
actual code (via the link at the top of this page) to see 
how the user-defined format is done.

In this example I've hard-coded the user-defined format to 
make it easy to understand.  In a generalized scenario, where
the data is changing, you'd want to generalize it so this 
user-defined format is generated on-the-fly from the data
(which is a bit more tricky).

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