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In this example (as well as many of the others on this samples page)
I use annotate's basic move/draw functions to draw an outline border
with curved corners.  This takes a lot of annotate code, but now that
I've written the code, it can be easily re-used over and over :)

Aside from the annotate, I use several little/simple "tricks" to get
this graph looking just right...

I use the 'overlay' option to overlay 2 lines in the same plot.

I use width=6 in the symbol statement to make the lines wider/thicker
than the normal default.

I use left-justified title2-title5 to get the 4 lines of text above
the graph.

I use the label=(angle=90) to rotate the text label in the axis1 along 
the left side of the graph.

I use the value=(angle=90) to rotate the years in the axis along
the bottom of the graph.

I use major=(height=-2) to get the major tickmarks to print with a 
'negative' height, so they'll show up inside the axis, rather than
the default outside location.

I assign a format to the 'television' variable, so the values 
print with a % sign (for example, .315 prints as 31.5%).

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