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V913 does 256 Colors             V9.2 Unlimited Colors                 V913 Color Limit               V9.2 Unlimited





V913 No Transparency             V9.2 Transparency                 V913 Basic Gbarline               V9.2 Gbarline





V913 MapImport             V9.2 MapImport with ID                 V913 No gif Styles               V9.2 Yes Styles!





V913 Empty Areas             V9.2 CDefault Option                 V913 Map Density               V9.2 Map Density





V913 Stat Characters             V9.2 Stat Characters                 V9.2 Zip Geocode               V9.2 Zip+4 Geocode





V913 Annotate Line             V9.2 Annotate Arrow                 V913 World Map               V9.2 World Map





V913 Default Fonts             V9.2 Default Fonts!!!                 V9.2 GKPI Gauges               V9.2 GKPI Bullet





V9.2 New Proc GTILE             Gradient Shading                 V9.2 Proc GINSIDE               V9.2 Stat Graphs






These samples courtesy of Robert Allison

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