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This sample looks pretty simple, but there's a bit of "tricky" data manipulation
going on before plotting the data.  For one thing, I create 3 different plot-variables
for the Y-axis ... one for the Iraq markers, one for the 'Other' markers, and 
one for the cumulative line.

Also, the syntax for calculating the cumulative number of deaths 
might be a little mysterious to those who haven't seen it before.
It's simply the following, inside a data step:


The html charttips are pretty long (in v9.2 we support >1023 character html charttips).

And I fake a legend in the title2 statement, using Unicode characters for the
plot marker dots (unicode characters are only recently supported, in v9.2).

I add an html charttip & drilldown to the footnote.

And I split the Y-axis label into 2 pieces, by using 2 separate strings,
and putting a 'justify' between them.

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