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Originally saw graph here ...

Clicked "download spreadsheet" here ...
(to get both score, and rank data)

I brought up the csv (comma-separated-value) data in Internet Explorer,
and then saved it as an Excel (xls) spreadsheet, which I could easily 
import into SAS, using SAS/Access to PC File Formats (PCFF).

I then manipulated the data a bit, transposing rows & columns, to get
the data into a convenient structure to use in a gplot, so that I could
"plot score*age=name".

At first, I just used a line with no plot markers.  Then I added small
dots as plot markers, because they helped show the "character" of the data.
I also used xpixels & ypixels to create a "wide" plot, which is more 
appropriate for this data with densely-packed observations over a long
time period (each line represents the lifetime of each player).

And, now that I had plot markers, I went ahead and created a variable
with the html charttips, to show the name/age/score/rank represented
by each dot, and when you click on them it "drills down" to the 
Wikipedia page for that chess player.  (Similarly, I set up a html_legend
variable to add drilldowns for each player's legend entry).

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