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This map has quite a few tricks going on behind-the-scenes...

First I look up the longitude/latitude for the city names
in maps.uscity (for the US ones), and the worldcts dataset
(from sas' mapsonline website) for the Canadian ones.

I could plot these more easily on mapsgfk.namerica, but I wanted
the US state outlines, therefore I got rid of the US in 
maps.namerica, and merged in the states from mapsgfk.us_states.

I annotate the team logo images onto the map using the
annotate function='image', and I made the backgrounds of all
the team logo gif images have a transparent background
so they would blend in with the map better (rather than
having a rectangular solid-color background) - supporting
transparent backgrounds of these logos/images is a new
v9.2 feature.

I add html charttips (with the team name) and drilldowns
(to do a google search on that team name), using the 
'html' variable in the annotate data set.

This also uses the new v9.2 dev=png, which can utilize 
>256 colors, therefore the annotated images look very nice.

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