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This is a SAS/Graph imitation (and enhancement) of a graph from:

The tricky part was getting the data in the exact same order
as the original chart.  SAS/Graph gchart tends to put the bars
either in alpha/numeric order, or in ascending/descending
order of the bar heights.

To get the bars into some arbitrary order, I had to assign
a numeric order, and then make those numbers print as the
"Product" name text value (using a user-defined-format that
I create on-the-fly, from the data).

I also annotate the line & labels at the top of the bars.

Two enhancements over the original - 1) I right-justify the
bar labels so they are closer to the bars (and easier to see
which label goes with which bar), and I add html charttips
and drilldown capability to the bar segments.

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