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Recently, the 'strangemaps' website was poking fun at a Swiss Airlines map
which had terribly mis-aligned many American cities on their map...

Swiss Airlines on Strangemaps

I'm not sure what software Swiss Airlines used to create that map, 
but I decided to use SAS/Graph's "proc gmap" to create a new version of 
the map, with 100% correct city locations (all programmatically calculated).  

I use the 'worldcts' dataset (downloaded from the SAS mapsonline website)
to get the longitude/latitude of the cities, and then I "proc gproject" 
these coordinates with the north-america (and south-america) sas maps
so that the coordinates line up in the exact right place.

I use "proc greplay" to do the small/inset South America map.

And I add html charttips & drilldown to the city names.

I use a few v9.2 features, such as annotate hsys='d' to specify text size
in points, and I use the "arial/unicode" character for a dot (because 
that will make a nice smooth anti-aliased dot, whereas the sas software dot
would have jagged edges).

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