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I got the original map from here:

It was a 'pdf' document, which kinda limited the flexibility in how I could use it.
Therefore I used 'FullShot' software to do a screen-capture (with my screen
rotated 90-degrees so the whole map would fit on one screen, by the way),
and then saved it as a jpg image.

Now, with a jpg, I was able to "annotate" the jpg image of the map onto 
a SAS/Graph gmap.  I then overlaid a grid onto the map, so I could tell 
the x/y coordinate each orange star (representing a death) on the combined
image & gmap.  I annotated an 'invisible' circle character onto each of
these locations, so I could add an html title= charttip (rollover text)
and href= drilldown.  I wanted the drilldown to go to a google map,
zoomed into that exact area where the wreck was.

The way I got the long/lat coordinates for each wreck (orange star) 
was to bring up a google map, and zoom/pan by hand until I was centered
on that exact spot, and then clicked the 'send' button to see the URL
it would email someone - that URL contains the "ll=" (lat/long) 
coordinates.  I copy-n-pasted the lat/long for each of the wreck 
locations into my sas job, and I substitute them in when I programmatically
build my drilldown URLs.

And one final enhancement - instead of showing the google satellite image,
I show the google topographical map!  The topo lines & shading give you a
much better "feel" for the steepness of the cliffs & mountains :)

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