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See my blog for more information!

This "Santa's Dashboard" was created with SAS Software!
And was featured in the following blog.


A while back, there was a video describing how Santa uses SAS:

  Click here to see the Video.

I thought I'd put together an example of a real/working dashboard,
to demonstrate some of SAS' capabilities...

Technical Details:

I use the data set (which is shipped with SAS/Graph) 
for the world map, and then subset it for the continents.

I use the mapsgfk.world_cities data set to get the lat/long
of the locations throughout the world, to draw the paths.

I use Proc OPTNET to determine Santa's path between the cities
(this is a fairly new SAS capability, included in SAS/OR 12.1,
which came out in August 2012 - it's built on top of SAS 9.3m2).

I then visually connect the cities (in the desired order) using 
an annotated line for "Santa's Secret Sleigh Route".

I use gmap's "html=" option (in combination with "ods html") to 
provide hover-text and drilldowns on the map areas & bar charts.

For the naughty/nice, I use a "proc gchart" grouped bar chart.
For the Toy Production & Reindeer stats, I use gchart's hbar plots.

I annotate a line showing the 'target' value, and if the bar (actual)
value hasn't reached the target, then I fill the bar with a candy cane
image (using the pattern statement) to bring attention to that bar.
These bar charts also have drilldowns.

I use "Proc Greplay" to place all the graphs on the same page.

When you click the 'Animate!' button, it shows you a gif animation
of the sleigh route, which was created using SAS's latest gif animation

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