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This example uses data from:

The data was imported into a SAS data set by David Pope.
I then merged it with some NCES data, to get the state for each college
(note that some college names are a little 'vague', and I had to make 
my "best guess" as to which college in the NCES list it was.)

Also, the data is median salary per university ... and then I'm 
letting the chart & map calculate the mean value per each state.
So, this "statistic" is probably not all that statistically valid
(I wish I had the raw data to work with, instead of the summarized
median data!)

And also, it is not quite clear how they decided to categorize 
the data ... for example, when they say "Engineering School", 
do they only count the salaries of the engineering majors?

And why isn't NCSU listed as an engineering school!?! :)
And why isn't ECU listed as a party school!?! :)

So, anyway - take these graphs with a grain of salt!

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