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This map goes along with the bar/table example (actually I include
it again right after the map).  

Basically it's a pretty straightforward sas/graph gmap, with some 
text labels annotated on the states showing how many votes they 
had.  You might notice that I have *very* many titles at the top
of the map.  Some are regular titles, and some have html url links
so you can click on them.  Also, the first (blue) title has the 
"underlin=1" title option, so the text is underlined (so users
will have a visual cue that it has a url link).

In the last title (title9) I add a little extra on the end, to
produce what looks like a legend for the blue and red colors.
This is really the "U" character of the 'marker' sas/graph 
software font.

Similar to the title, I code a url link into the footnote, and
use the underlin=1 option to make the linkable section underlined.

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