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This is a pretty standard gmap - I do use a few "finesse" tricks though...

I do my own "binning" and assign my data into numeric category/bins,
and then use a user-defined format to have the bins print as the
desired text in the legend.

This is one of the only examples I have where I print the legend label 
at the *bottom* of the legend (sas has an option to easily control this :)
Also, I specify the shape for the legend color-chips, so they're more
square than the default chips.

I use the 'italic' sas/graph software font for several of the titles and footnotes.

I use the gmap html= option to specify my variable which contains html
title= charttip/flyover-text.

I annotate a colored rectangle to get the purple color-bar at the top of the map.

** Be sure to scroll down and see the 2nd map (1st map is breast cancer, and 
   the 2nd map is prostate cancer.

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