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For some reason, this plot is very popular ... not that I'm complaining ;)

It's a pretty simple sas/graph gplot, with 3 lines 'overlaid'
(actually I don't use overlay, but rather each of the 3 lines are 
really just a segment of the same line, segmented by 'locality').

I use a legend statement to put the legend 'inside' the graph axes,
and use 'protect' to make sure it's on 'top' of anything else.

Rather than using autoref to do the reflines, I use the following code
to put the reflines exactly where I want, and to color the 'zero' refline
white ...

  vref=(-6 -4 -2 0 2 4 6 8 10)
  cvref=(black black black white black black black black black)

I use the 'italic' sas/graph software font on the first footnote to make
it curvey.

I use some 'blank' title statements to help space the red title4 away 
from the other titles, and away from the graph.

And the 'biggie' trick is that I use annotated thin polygon stripes in 
the background to do the gradient shaded background - I think that's the
part everybody especially likes :)

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