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This time, to get the bars in the exact/desired order, I used
the 'order=' on the axis statement, and listed each of the 
bar/midpoint text labels in the desired order (another way to
do this would be to use the 'midpoints=' option in the gchart,
or use numeric values and user-defined formats to make the 
desired text print for each number).

I annotate labels on each bar - rather than using x & y coordinates,
I use x & midpoint (midpoint is the bar label location) since that's
what I need to annotate on an hbar (horizontal bar chart).

I use cbox=black to get the annotated text to be colored the way I want.

In the legend, I use cframe=white and cborder=black to get the 
legend to be the reverse colors of the annotated text labels.

And, once again, I use annotated strips of color in the background
to get the gradient shading effect, and a black box behind the title.

I use various hardware fonts, to get the smooth-edged anti-aliased
fonts that look good.

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