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This example was inspired by Mike Zdeb (bbu author).
He sent me an example someone had asked him if sas could do a
graphic like that.  He was doing a 2004 SUGI poster on his
sas graphic solution (but it doesn't have stick-people in it).

This particular version is somewhat modified from the original.
Instead of the people becoming 'immune', they become 'deceased'
in this version (to show off sas' capability of rotating the
stick-men, so they appear to be dead :)  I got a little lazy
here, and re-used the same data - so it has the 'oddity' of
the dead people moving around ... but hey, I guess that's
possible too ;)

Basically, I make sure that each obsn in my data has an x & y "grid"
location value, and then I build a sas/graph map data set containing
a rectangular map area for each grid location.  I then create an
annotate data set containing an annotated text character at the 
center of each map/grid box, and that character is the 'Q' character
of the sas/graph "marker" software font ... that is the stick-figure
man character.  For the 'deceased' stick-man, I use "angle=-90"
to make it look like he's laying down instead of standing up :)

For the "legend", I do a gslide, and show the various color
combinations of stick-men, and what they stand for.

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