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This one is *all* annotate - I even use "proc gslide" rather than
any of the normal sas/graph procs.

For the main areas, I annotate a bunch of 'pie' slices, of the 
desired color.  And I also annotate an 'empty' 360-degree pie slice
(circle) 1/2-way out as a reference line.

And then I annotate a bunch of "markers" using the sas/graph "marker"
software font.

And, of course, I have to annotate the legends by hand, for the colors
and also for the markers.

This one shows that sas can do any kind of graph, but this would 
have to be "generalized" a lot before anyone could really re-use
it with different data :)

[Of course, this might be more useful/interesting if the graphic
was annotated onto a gmap, in the correct proportions, etc.]

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