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This one is "attention-getting", I'll say that!  ;)

Aside from being somewhat "gross", this example is actually
based on real-world stuff.  Certain doctors really do use 
maggots to eat the dead flesh out of wounds, and the red dots
on this map really do show you where those doctors are located,
and when you click on a red dot it gives you the name and 
contact info for that doctor.

To get the locations for the dots, I use the long/lat locations
in the sashelp.zipcode data set.  I convert these long/lat from
degrees to radians, and then combine the dot annotate data set 
with the maps.states data set, and "gproject" the two together,
and then separate them into 2 data sets again.

I use sas/graph gmap to draw the map, and I annotate the red dots
(actually 360-degree red "pie" slice) on the map.  I use the 
'iback' goption to put the maggot image in the background.

I use the 'box=1' option to draw the colored box behind the title,
and I use the link= title option to link it to the maggot therapy
web site.

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