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I start with the zipcodes for the 'target' areas I want to show on a map.
I merge in the long/lat from the sashelp.zipcode data set.
I convert the long/lat degrees into radians.

I combine the annotate with the map data set.
I gproject them, and then separate them into 2 data sets again.
I use gmap to draw the map, and annotate the "target" circles.

I add variables to use this as an annotate data set.
I output a solid red pie at the center of the zipcode.
I then annotate empty pie outlines (rings) around the center
at increasing size (radius).

I use "goptions ctitle=white ctext=white" to make the title & text white.

I use the 'html' variable in the annotate data set to add charttip/flyover-text
and drilldown for the "target" areas.

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