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This map demonstrates several nice 'tricks'.

I use a user-defined format to get the legend to divide the
values into the exact ranges I want.

I use the new '%centroid()' macro to calculate the x/y center
location of each county, so I can annotate the arrows there.

I merge in the county names from maps.cntyname, and then 
code them into the 'html' variable so it has title= 
charttip/flyover text.

I use the '>' (greater than) character as the arrow to annotate
on the map, and angle it 90 degrees, or -90 degrees to symbolize
the values going up or down.
I also annotate a legend for the '>' symbols (in addition to 
the color legend).

Instead of using cback, I annotate 2 green rectangles for the 
background colors (or course, using "when='b'" to put them 
before/behind the map.

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