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If you don't look closely, you might (mistakenly) think this is a 
"regular" gplot - you would be *wrong* ;)

In addition to haveing 2 lines overlaid, each of these 2 lines is
actually 3 'lines' overlaid in the exact same location.  The first
line is a thick/wide one, the 2nd is thinner (giving a two-tone line
color effect), and the 3rd line is to put the markers on the line.
This produces a neat/fancy line-effect :)

On the axes, I angle the label on the y-axis, and I angle the 
value labels on the x-axis (and totally suppress the x-axis label).

Rather than taking the default reflines, I hardcode each one, so I can
separately control the line (solid or dashed) of each refline, as follows:

 vref=(-10 -5 0 5 10 15 20 25)
 lvref=(2 2 1 2 2 2 2 2)

And, I suppress the normal legend (using nolegend) -- instead I use the 
title6 to print 2 colored markers (using the 'U' character of the sas/graph
marker software font, which prints as a colored box), and include text
beside the markers to explain what each color represents.  (If I had used
the default legend, it would have tried to show all 6 of my overlaid line
layers/pieces separately).

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