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And, had you noticed that there have been three "Friday the 13"s this year?!?
(that's the maximum number allowed by law, by the way!)

Well, I was wondering how often Friday-the-13s happen, and when during the year, etc.
So of course I wrote a little SAS job to find out!...

I wrote a 'do' loop in a SAS data step to loop through each day for 13 years,
and checked each day to see if it was a Friday, and if it was the 13th, and then
I plotted them all on a custom SAS/Graph calendar chart.

I then went to the Wikipedia page to see if they had any interesting trivia about 
Friday the 13th, and to my surprise they claimed that the next year to have three
Friday the 13ths in one year was 2015 ... whereas my SAS/Graph calendar showed
three during 2012 !!!

I did some further checking, and confirmed that SAS was right, and Wikipedia was wrong! 
Just goes to show - don't believe everything you read! ... Unless it's SAS output! 

Here's a screen-capture of the incorrect Wikipedia page (in case they correct it later)...

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