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I originally set up this example as an interactive SAS/Intrnet thing, 
and it scripted selections lists at the bottom of the map, letting you
set the numeric endpoints for the binning/buckets, and generate the 
desired map on-the-fly.  Here's the code for the SAS/Intrnet version:

Click here to see the SAS/Intrnet code.

If you're on the internal SAS web, click here to see the SAS/Intrnet version run.

But since I don't have a SAS/Intrnet server on the external web, 
I also set up this standalone static/snapshot version, so people 
can see that SAS/Graph can do grids-of-maps.

Rather than using greplay or htmlpanel, I actually duplicate the map
several times, with numeric x/y offsets to make the maps show up 
beside of each other.

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