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Note: For a new/simpler example, using 3 SAS 9.3 transparent-color
circles (rather than manually drawing each piece of geometry), 
see the following new example:

New transparent-color venn example.


See my blog for more information about this graph!

This is a SAS/Graph imitation of:
   (which is gone now)

A while back, I wrote some SAS code to simulate a venn diagram.
The size & overlap of the 3 circles is hard-coded (not proportional
to data values), but is perfect for this data (since no numeric 
values are associated with each of the categories anyway!)

Basically, you set some values in the macro variables at the
top of the SAS job, and let the obscure code do the rest for you.
Merry Christmas! *<:)

The polygons are drawn by "proc gmap".

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